YOU Could Be On FM90!

Amarillo College’s FM90 is more than Alternative. The station launched on March 15th, 1976. Since day one the station has been operated by the students of Amarillo College. Some of your favorite radio personalities in this area (and beyond) have been through this program. Students learn how to be DJs, create their own specialty shows, and host FM90 shows right here in our community. 

FM90 broadcasts at 100,000 watts. We’re one of only a handful of colleges or universities with that amount of power. Plus we’re always streaming all over the world. We love introducing the public to new artists, new songs, and new genres. With the help of our students we’re able to bring you this programming. They are the true heroes of the station. They spend hours each week curating their shows in order to provide you quality content.

We appreciate you, the listeners. Now it’s your turn to get behind the mic. If you’ve ever considered being on FM90 you can! More information is available by calling Ask AC at 806-371-5000.

Thank you for being by our side since 1976.

Amy Presley

FM90 Program Director

Jun 2, 22

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P.O. Box 447
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